military match march

Military Match March
February 2012

Video Documentation
@Sandberg Institute


일정한 길이로 자른 성냥 머리들을 이어붙여, 성냥 악기 오브젝트를 만들었고, 그것에 불을 붙이면,
성냥 머리 부분이 점화될 때마다 ‘치익, 치익, 치익’ 리듬을 만든다.
그 리듬에 따라 군가행진곡을 부른다.

Time is a rhythm. Regular sound becomes a beat.
Every time, it is fascinating to just look at the flame of match.
Burning is eliminating. Song that disappears into the air.
Military march song unifies the individuals of a group. Song is a tool for a sweet propaganda.

1 wear the paper costume
2 take a match with 30 heads
3 let someone give me a flame
4 the first head of match is lighten up
5 try to follow the rhythm of burning heads
6 start to sing military march song
7 follow the rhythm
8 blow out the flame of match if song is end
9 take off the paper costume



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