reIMG_2709 루트에 대한, 대화 | Coversation about the ROOT 2021

reIMG_2709 던져! 와이파이진 | Wi-Fi zine throwies 2017

reIMG_2709 손에 폰잡고 | Phone in Hand we can 2016

M.1435911558.575.0   사물학 ll : 제작자들의 도시 | Objectology ll : Make 2015

10926191_594253810709369_4291910331396308269_n Printing Studio Show 2014

Page-130_o 공공도큐멘트3: 다들 만들고 계십니까? 2014

digitaleditionofsemesterfile_wonjungshin_page_02   experienced experiences 2012

paperobjbook_samll_page_14   paper OO 2011

paperorgan-small_page_01    paper organ 2011


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